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When it all comes crashing down, what do we do?

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'Paper Planes, Don’t Always Soar'
is a short film based on the director’s true experience.

Inspired by a true story of an aviation disaster, a daughter tries to bridge the bond she lost after her father returns home from a plane crash, where he struggles to remember his life before that fateful catastrophe.

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My hopes for Paper Planes, Don’t Always Soar is that it
should be something straight to the point, real, concise and
that people can take away something from it no matter the
kind of life they have lived.

Diyana Amir

Film Director and Writer

How It All Began

Production Timeline

our humble journey.



Marketing and Branding

September - November

Financing and Collaborations: Secure Grants, Sponsors & Partnerships

Pre - Production A: Scheduling, Casting Calls & Location Scouting

Pre - Production B: Pre-Visualisation, Rehearsals & Location Recce


Principal Production


January to March
Post - Production A: Film Editing and Picture Lock


Post - Production B: Sound Design and Colour Grading

April to May
DCP Creation
Film Festival Submissions


NTU School of Art, Design and Media Graduation Show 2023

Industry Screening
Private Film Screening & Post Screening Dialogue Panel

Watch the Trailer

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Meet the Casts

who portrayed the core characters of our film.

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Meet the Team

who went above and beyond.

The Journey

of our milestones and triumphs.

We embarked on our film beginning with a heartfelt crowdfunding video featuring our director Diyana, writing a letter to her father, Mr. Amir. This poignant start gave our followers, mentors, contributors, sponsors, partners, friends and family a glimpse into the intimate bond between a father and daughter, setting the tone for our journey.

Nearly a year later, after months of dedication and tireless effort, our vision came to life, culminating in the completion of the film. In a touching tribute to this milestone, we reached out to Diyana's father in secret, inviting him to express his thoughts in a letter dedicated to Diyana, bringing our story full circle.

This moving gesture was unveiled during our private screening event held in June 2023,
marking a fitting, tearful closure to our filmmaking journey.

We invite you to witness this beautiful narrative unfold.

Watch our video and experience the depth of a father-daughter bond that inspired both tears and triumph.

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Today, it has become increasingly important to reevaluate the ways we produce our films and television programs. 

To do our part, our team has decided to go green for our film production.

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Collaboration with Great Partners

The team would like to thank the following vendors, partners, and organisations for their unwavering support in the making of this film.

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