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Anything that is human is mentionable,
and anything that is mentionable can be manageable.

Director's Statement

Paper Planes, Don’t Always Soar is a film born out of a chilling incident that my family and I had to go through a few years ago. This film is an anecdote from the time my very own father survived  a near-death airplane crash, and the post-traumatic effects that follows.


The film centers around the protagonist, a young and impressionable ten-year-old named Dana, who attempts to mend the bond she lost with her father Andri returns home from the plane crash. Dana is forced to grow up as shoulders the burden of her father's trauma, when he struggles to remember his life before the incident. The aftermath of the crash leaves the family in a state of detachment, agony, and pain, all of which Dana vividly portrays through her eyes. However, the story ultimately demonstrates how, with unwavering support and an unbreakable bond, consciousness and life can be unexpectedly restored.


My ultimate goal for this film is to create a work that is raw, authentic, and impactful. I firmly believe that it should be a concise, straight-to-the-point and honest piece that resonates with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their personal experiences and struggles.


As a child, I experienced a traumatic incident that left me almost voiceless and unable to fully articulate my feelings. However, I see this film as my long-awaited opportunity to finally express myself and share my story with the world in a way that is both powerful and cathartic. Through this, I hope inspire others to find their own voices and give them the courage to speak their hearts.

Diyana Amir

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A family experiences a fateful incident that forever changes their lives. Dana, a young and impressionable ten-year-old, shares an unbreakable bond with her father Andri, a flight steward. That night, Andri encounters an airplane crash while working and becomes uncontactable. Dana and her mother, Rina, learn of the catastrophe through endless midnight phone calls and have to witness the entire incident through live news on television. Their world flips upside down and turns blurry as they await news of Andri. Only the next day do they receive the positive news that Andri has survived the incident.


The family's torment only intensifies as they bring Andri home, and Dana immediately senses that something is amiss with her father. They soon discover that Andri is suffering from severe post-traumatic stress, causing him to forget his life before the incident, including the bond he shared with Dana. As a young child, Dana grapples with the harsh reality that the father she once knew is no longer the same. Nevertheless, her unyielding love for him helps her soldier on, even as she faces his impulsive outbursts and struggles with his lapse in memory.

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