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So much admiration in my life with the films I enjoy,
is thanks to so much pain and trauma in someone else’s experience.

I would like to give back to that,
and be able to tell everyone a compelling story that is very close to my heart.
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Heads of Department

Diyana Amir

Director and Writer

For me, filmmaking means being authentic and honest. Creating something that is empathetic and close-to-heart not only has the potential to connect with audiences, but it is also a process of self-exploration. It's difficult to expect people to relate to something that is not honest or genuine.

Terry Tan De Hao


My filmmaking philosophy is to work creatively beyond the film itself. I am interested in how the process of filmmaking would help to create opportunities and make a meaningful impact in the community. When it comes to film aesthetics, I believe in crafting images that skillfully convey the narrative's genuine authenticity and emotional rawness.

Kester Kiew Kai Jie

Director of Photography

I truly enjoy bringing what we see in our visions to real life. Sculpting what is present in our imagination would give insight to the way we perceive our own world. Through this cathartic way of exploration, I hope to bring to life people's stories and perspectives in their unique voice.

Rashad Bin Faizal

1st Assistant Director

I think a good film is able to push the boundaries of visual storytelling while still being able to be practically pulled off behind the scenes. Sometimes less is more and simple stories are the most effective in creating the right atmosphere for audiences to take away.

Colette Chong Shi Min

Production Designer

I aspire to create stories that are intriguing and entertaining, that would also create a lasting impact on various audiences. Through art direction, I hope to create an immersive and surreal experience that brings the director’s vision to life and brightens up the film’s visual imagery.

Lee Jing Wei

Editor and Post - Production Supervisor

I always hoped to create works that resonate with its viewers and I believe editing is the stage where the film truly comes together. Editing can make or break a film and I aim as the editor of Paper Planes, Don't Always Soar to piece together a heartfelt narrative that can touch the hearts of many.

Chiu Chin Wai, Vanessa

Sound Designer

My one belief in the art of filmmaking is that storytelling should at its core be authentic. There is a limitless number of ways sound could be manipulated to draw a sense of familiarity, relatability or nostalgia for audience members. But at the end of the day, I hope that each viewer is able to take home their own unique experience of the film and initiate important conversations on the said subject matter with the people around them.

Lee Yun Xuan

Graphic Designer

I believe design is a valuable tool in aiding communication, using it to elevate and provide a visual experience. Being adaptable in using different styles and mediums to enhance storytelling, I hope to bring audiences through a journey that speaks to them.

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Films are such a powerful means of expression and I’m always most interested in ones that express an interesting or unique perspective of what it means to be human.

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I tend to be most engaged with films that have narrative space, that suggest interesting and emotional questions without providing direct answers to them.

These are the kind of films I like to try to help create.

- Ross Adrian Williams

Ross Adrian Williams

Project Supervisor

Assistant Professor

School of Art, Design and Media

Nanyang Technological University

Paper Planes, Don't Always Soar is an extraordinary story and one that explores trauma and family in a way that is uncommon and one of the reasons I was excited to supervise the film. After surviving the plane crash the father is there in body but he is still missing. Dana’s journey to understand and to try to reach him is a powerful one and ultimately reminds us about the fragility of the body and mind and how trauma can fracture something as strong as the bond and memory of a father for his daughter. The fact that this is a true story makes it all the more compelling and as a father myself it resonated with me strongly. I think the film will connect with, and move audiences and I am confident it will find film festival success. It is a pleasure working with such a creative and hardworking team and I’m proud of them and the beautiful film they have created. I’m equally proud of the way they have made the film and the team's commitment to sustainable filmmaking.

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Principal Production: Secondary Crew

We are eternally grateful for the help rendered by our extended crew members.
The extra time they all put in to make this happen did not go unnoticed.

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